The History of the Restaurant

Gran Hélène

In 1969, my father Dédé and my grandfather Lucien built the chalet on the slopes of La Plagne, on land belonging to my grandmother Hélène.

In 1988, after some work and a change of destination to La Plagne Montchavin, my parents created the high-altitude restaurant: Chez Laurette, my mother’s name.

Granda Lucien

How to get to La Plagne Montchavin?

It was a bit of a hidden dream of my grandfather’s, who used to meet up here with his friends on Sundays, where glasses of wine accompanied games of pétanque in a good mood.

The good times have never ceased to happen at Plan Bois, because it is also, in my childhood memories, where there is still only cold water from the tap that my grandmother washed us in the yellow basin that was heated in the sun, with my brother and my cousins.

The history of this family cottage is the memory of precious and magical moments and your visit here will add another treasure to the trunks of memories!

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