The Producers

I choose all my producers with criteria of quality, short circuits and availability. We share the same values:

  • The satisfaction of our customers, so dear to Céline from Maison Rullier;
  • The well accomplished work of Catherine from the Atelier des marmottes who has made our service dress accessories with great know-how and love of our beautiful Savoie.
  • The reduction of our impact on the environment as for Benoit and Laëtitia of the Domaine Grisard who cultivate with sustainable agriculture;
  • Or the Gaec des Frères Berthet who produce organically;
  • A value also shared by the Domaine des Hautes Glaces. Thus, Eliane explained to me the right use of the cereal for the very qualitative production of their Whisky 100% Rhône-Alpes Region.


Séez - Savoie

Le Père Rullier

Artisanal producer of Savoyard products

Fréterive - Savoie

Le Domaine Grisard

Independent winegrower from Savoie

Cornillon-en-Trièves - Isère

Le Domaine des Hautes Glaces

Whisky distilled in the Isère Alps

Aime-la-Plagne - Savoie

Montagnes Saveurs

Butchers, Charcuterie and Savoy cheeses

La Plagne Tarentaise - Savoie

La Poterie du Murger

Handmade pottery in La Plagne

Mazère - Ariège

La Ferme du Mohair

Soft mohair slipper

Cevins - Savoie

Distribution Hybord

Soft and alcoholic drinks

Aime-la-Plagne - Savoie

Coopérative laitière d’Aime

Beaufort and Savoy cheeses

Sainte-Hélène-sur-Isère - Savoie

Berthet Primeur

Organic fruit and vegetables produced in Savoie

Bourg-Saint-Maurice - Savoie

Gaec Rullier

Bourg-Saint-Maurice GAEC

Sainte-Marie-du-Mont - Isère

L'Atelier des Marmottes

Modern and traditional hand embroidery

La Chavanne - Savoie

Pierre Lemoulec

Honey and snail producer

Chambéry - Savoie

Café Folliet

Coffee, chocolate and other sweets

Pralognan-la-Vanoise - Savoie

Epicerie de la Grande Casse

Delicatessen, bulk and direct from the producer

Aime-la-Plagne - Savoie

Ambiance M

Interior decoration